• Image of Lazer Fuzz

The Lazer Fuzz is a unique square wave filtered fuzz that is sure to impress your Gear and Sci-Fi nerd friends all at once with its dashing Han Solo graphics and flickering lazer LED!
The -FILTER knob controls the wave frequency tone and the “glitch” switch controls the lo-fi tracking of the frequency divider. Go from Jack White grainy fuzz to that high tone Blacksploitation fizzy fuzz that always puts your girl in the mood. This sucker is capable of really cranking out some volume and comes with an internal trim pot to set to your taste. Put it at unity or maybe use it for a killer boost! Either way you will be the envy of all who see this on your board. Works killer on bass too!

Smaller 4.37″ X 2.37″ X 1.07″ MXR sized enclosure, true bypass switching, internal trim pot for boostability, common 9vdc center negative BOSS style power input and battery snap. Power supply not included.

$8-US, ($17-Canada/$25-International not including potential VAT or Customs fees)



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