• Image of Retired Designs

The Cyclops Mono Stutter was the Mad Doctor’s smaller, simpler little brother. All the great vactrol controlled ON/OFF switching of the MD, but stripped down to just the basics. One -RATE control set to a constant 50% ON, 50% OFF ratio.

The Energizer! boost was just that, a boost. No “color” and no frills. Just straight up volume and priced accordingly. How many dB? Who cares! It was more than plenty loud, plenty cheap, and in a box that had Pac-Man and shit on it!

The Hobo Santa started off as a fun one off for a friend who made the raddest Santa image for a band flier. But it was too cool not share!
The circuit was a muff style fuzz using old Russian germanium transistors. Stink, Drunk and Hostility knobs controled the tone, fuzz and volume.
It was kinda gritty, kinda smooth and ridiculously loud. Pretty much everything you'd have wanted in a real life hobo Santa!
These were only be available in a very limited holiday season run!

The Mad Dr. Who Stutter was the same rad effect as the Mad Doctor Stutter but with killer Tom Baker Dr. Who graphics! It was only available in a very limited quantity!

The Blasteroid Fuzz was a straight clone of the elusive Earth Sounds Research Graphic Fuzz. Not many of the real deal working out in the wild so I’m stoked to have put this together. This fuzz was a monster. Loud as can be and the filter added some very rad microphonic wah-ish tones to set it apart from your normal fuzzes. SMASH knob controled the filter, BLAST knob controled the boost. I didn’t make any adjustments or mods to the circuit so it had all the quirks of the original. This thing destroyed on bass. And as one dude said, its "Instant Sabbath Vol. 4"!!! A killer unique vintage fuzz!!!

The Blender was simple. The Blender was effective. The Blender was just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing. The Blender let you add a clean blend to any pedal. It was simple. It was effective. It was just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing.
Input, Output, Send, Receive, knob to the right more clean, knob to the left more blend. It was simple, effective and just what you needed if you're into that sort of thing.

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