3D Triple Delay

3D Triple Delay

Have you ever wanted to run three delays into each other? Yeah, me too. And have a pedal with 3D anaglyph graphics?! Yeah, me too!
The 3D Triple Delay is three delays running in series. Each delay is exactly the same: TIME - delay time control, ECHO - delay repeats control, OUT - effect/direct wet/dry control and all three trail when bypassed. Features AMAZING 3/D artwork by LOSTMOVE and comes with a pair of signature IdiotBox Effects 3D glasses. This one will take you to the outer limits every time!

Large and in charge 7.38" x 4.70" x 1.30" sized enclosure, buffered bypass switching, common 9vdc "CENTER NEGATIVE" 2.1mm BOSS style power input only. Current draw 74mA. Power supply not included.

"The pedal arrived today and it’s brilliant! I absolutely love the 3D artwork with glasses!" - Mark S. (Delaware)